How do you learn languages at school in your country?

Personally i feel stuck in my learning journey, i alway spend more time thinking about the perfect ways to acquire the language than leaning&acquiring the language itself 😂

What are my chances?

Recommend ion for learn English speaking

"going to the Messiah" in Sheffield dialect

I’ve been fascinated over that Super Idol Chinese song lately, so here’s my attempt to sing it. How good is my pronunciation xD 😂?

Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could confirm that this is the correct translation for my uncle's name. It's almost entirely made up of unused sounds and I really want to get this right for a gift for him.

Stupid Guy talks about Clueless White People Speaking Hieroglyphs

Language learning

Spanish course: Listening Comprehension + SPANISH ONLINE QUIZ

Learning another language is good for your brain, even if you don't become fluent: study

What are some languages that are known to be messy in grammar, having more exceptions than rule-followers?.