I've started recording my conversations with my tutor, but to be honest they're not that clear and I don't know what to do with it anyway. Any suggestions as to how I can make this more useful?


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People who record their conversations - what do you do with the recording?


Where I could learn or improve my english? Its not that bad after all, but also not the best. I talk like 9 years old :D Thats why I would like to improve my grammar in writing or talking also my vocabulary.

Is there any free way that I could learn effectively and also improve my spoken english?

I want to start my youtube channel but in english, and I dont feel confident about my english skills.

Thank you!

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How to learn english fast by myself?

I am at a point where I find myself quite fluent at writing English but I am struggling when I am speaking as it seems like am trying to translate directly from my own language which is obviously completely wrong. Is there any reason behind it? Any help?

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Spoken fluency

This isn't specifically related to language learning per se, but it's a question that has popped up on my road of language learning.

A few weeks ago, I set my preferred video game to European Spanish to help practice while I play. While most everything was translated (maps, guns, objectives, et cetera), not everything was. All the expansions of the game, as well as the game itself, kept their English names. Rather than "Ellos No Pasarán" or "Apocalipsis," they were kept as "They Shall Not Pass" and "Apocalypse."

This got me thinking. This wasn't the first time I had noticed something like this. I noticed that the old Star Wars films were translated into German as "Krieg der Sterne: (subtitle)," whereas the newest one is "Star Wars: Die Letzten Jedi." They didn't bother translating half the name!

So, to all those on this sub who don't speak English as a first language, does this stuff ever bother you when it appears? Maybe I'm just nerdy and pedantic, but it seems quite lazy to me. I'd love to know what you all think.

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Lack of Translation/English Dominance


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image in prod

Study abroad programs are an exciting chance for students to gain exposure to different cultures while simultaneously earning college credit. You have likely completed your research and are ready to embark on this adventure, but did you know that your host campus provides services that are accessible to you while you’re studying abroad? These services, such as the diversity and inclusion office and the campus library, provide you with support for the duration of your visit. Here are five campus services to take advantage of when studying abroad:
1. Student housing 
When studying in an unfamiliar country, it’s important to feel both comfortable and secure. The student housing office may provide you with a variety of housing options, such as apartments or residence halls. Examine each housing option, and decide which best suits your needs. 
2. The diversity and inclusion office
When studying abroad, you are exposed to many different cultural norms. While it’s wonderful to be open to the local culture, you may also find yourself in uncomfortable situations. Your campus diversity and inclusion office can help you find resources and determine a strategy for addressing any concerns that may arise during your stay. 
3. Student health and counseling services
No one wants to feel unwell while away from home. Student health and counseling services can assist you with any minor medical problems you may face, as well as provide support if you’re feeling homesick or experiencing other concerns. In addition, health services may be able to provide resources if you have mobility or visual impairments. Research this department to determine all available areas of assistance. 
4. The financial aid office
The financial aid office can be a great resource if you encounter financial concerns while studying abroad. You can speak with an advisor about any questions you may have regarding visas, tax concerns if you will be earning money while abroad, student fees you may have to pay, international health insurance costs, budgeting, and banking or access to your money. 
5. The campus library 
The campus library can offer you a place to study, research, and improve necessary skills. If you find yourself struggling with projects, or simply want to learn more about the country or culture you are visiting, the campus library will have your answers. Before leaving for your trip, see if the school’s library has a presence online and if so, what types of resources they offer international students. Also remember that your home campus’ library may have an online database that you can reference while abroad as well. 
Learning in another country has unique benefits and challenges. The services available to you courtesy of your host campus can give you the tools to meet those challenges and position yourself for a successful study abroad experience.   

​Niki Bridges is a contributing writer for UniversityTutor.com, the world’s largest global marketplace for finding independent tutors.

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5 Campus Services to Take Advantage of When Studying Abroad

Does anyone know where to get it, if it's available now?

I've heard it's only going to be available in the state of Hawaii which seems pretty unfair :(

What's the point of that.

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The Hawaiian-Dubbed Moana

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Learning online with a graceful Yoyo teacher.

Example page of my learning/progress book for Farsi! Does anyone else do this? submitted by /u/brost3000
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Example page of my learning/progress book for Farsi! Does anyone else do this?

While I was reading an article (linked below) about an interpreter for Trump’s meeting with Putin, I got to thinking about an aspiration I had when I was little to become an interpreter at this kind of high level or for the UN or some other comparable entity. While I have since all but abandoned that aspiration, I am still curious as to how one gets to such a stage as to be able to serve as an interpreter at this level. What kind of background do these individuals need (i.e. do they normally have a bilingual background, or do they typically study a language in college as their major, etc.)? And on a slightly unrelated note, in order to become an ambassador or a UN representative or the like, is there any special language knowledge that might be required or extremely helpful?

Article: https://usat.ly/2uMSJco

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How much experience and practice does it take to become an interpreter? And what kind of background do these people usually have?

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The middle finger in American Sign Language – an article explains gestures and their meaning

Hi! I took a month off to seriously learn Spanish, simply for the sake of wanting to learn a new language / future travel. I only speak English and an Asian language.

I spent 2 hours per day in the past 5 days to learn about some vocabulary like color, food, numbers, common verbs, basic rules of conjugation.

I have 30 days left and I plan to have 3 hour 1:1 Spanish lesson per week. I want to know how to make good use of my everyday learning at home such that it could lay a good foundation for me to maintain the learning (eg can understand 70% of what newspaper/TV talking about, can carry some conversation on iTalki) after I get back to work.

Eg should I start from learning more vocab? Should I start from memorizing the common expressions, or learn about the grammar?

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How to efficiently learn Spanish in a month?

Hope y’all can steer me in the right direction.

I’ve been learning Spanish on duolingo for the past three months and while I’ve seen progress in literacy my ability to converse is awful and my pronunciation sounds really unnatural (I can’t roll the r’s in perro to save my life). I love the language but it just sounds horrible coming out of my mouth.

I seem, though, to have a knack for French pronunciation. I’m Cajun and I grew up with grandparents speaking it although I never learned myself.

My dilemma is essentially whether to learn Spanish, which is more widely spoken and valuable for my career, or French, which I have an easier time with naturally, as well as a cultural connection.

What would you do?

(I live in the US and would be learning continental French btw)

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Dilemma with choosing French or Spanish

One that was not in a "script" you already knew, and either completely alone or partly alone

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Has anyone here taught themselves to read or write a different language?

What is Alzheimer's disease? Causes, Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment. submitted by /u/medicalinfo
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What is Alzheimer's disease? Causes, Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.

I’d say either Hangul or Arabic. Hangul is very quick to learn, and the actual mechanics of how it functions are super interesting. But Arabic just looks so nice, and is easy to write. I’d also argue that it’s not so difficult to learn, especially if you already know a language like Hebrew.

I’d love to hear what everyone has to say about this though (:

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What’s your vote for the best alphabet/script/writing system?

Giuseppe Caspar Mezzofanti - The most proficient polyglot ever existed, I am proud he was as Italian as I am submitted by /u/ddark92
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Giuseppe Caspar Mezzofanti - The most proficient polyglot ever existed, I am proud he was as Italian as I am

When face-to-face with a real Spanish speaker, do you freeze? Do you know how to ask for directions in Spanish or communicate if there’s an emergency?

If your answer to any of the previous questions was ‘Yes’, then this book is for you!

If there’s anything more challenging than learning the grammar rules of a new language, it’s knowing what to say and having the courage to speak with confidence.

We know how you feel - You always try to avoid making embarrassing mistakes or not getting your message through correctly, but it will happen anyway.

‘How do I get out of this situation?’, You may ask yourself, but have yet to find a straight-forward answer.

Until now.

We have compiled 50 Spanish Stories along with their translations, providing new Spanish speakers with the necessary tools to begin effectively studying how to set a meeting, how to check into a hotel and even what to say during an emergency!

Our Spanish dialogues get straight to the point saving you precious time. There’s no benefit learning words and phrases you will never actually use!

If you want to learn Spanish quickly and have a ton of fun along the way, obviously, this book is for you!

Get the book on Amazon for FREE here:


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(FREE BOOK FEW DAYS ONLY) Conversational Spanish Dialogues: 50 Spanish Conversations and Short Stories to Gain Fluency Faster

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TAPIR Player, an Audio Player for Studying Languages

[1] Speaking? [2] Reading, writing and speaking?

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How long to learn Cantonese if you spend 5-6 hours everyday...?

Hey guys, I've nearly finished my French grammar classes and so far things have been going great; I found them quite easy since I already know Italian and can understand about 90% of all written French now. But I can't understand spoken French at all! I think it's mostly due to my teacher, who sounds like she's speaking Russian lol. I've been watching some YouTube videos and movies in French but what else could help me get a better grasp at it?

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How could I get better at understanding spken french?

I am thinking of sh as in shoe or ch as in chips. I have been studying polish for a while and I find it very frustrating because I am having trouble with these sounds in my native language already and Polish has a lot of varieties of these sounds and they appear in many words.

The only language I can think of without these sounds is Greek.

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Does anyone know any languages that does not have any "sh" or "ch" sounds?

I want to learn German.

I am Dutch and i have learned a little bit of German in school and i also want to learn more languages from for example ukraine, poland, russian.My biggest obstacle is that i don't know where to start. I tried duolingo and that stuff but that's kind of shit for me because i can't learn that way, i tried watching tv shows and i can kind of understand it because it sounds like Dutch but it's not as good as i want it obviously.

I tried learning spanish but because that's a roman language it was different, not too difficult but i just lack this know how of where to start, i really don't know what i need to do first.

I love learning languages, English was very easy for me because i played games in english watched movies in english with Dutch subtitles but i doubt that's going to work now because i can't watch or play anything if it's not in english at this point i think in english i don't like the language of my country... i hate it. i don't like songs from my language i don't like movies/media in my language.

I have alot of problems on the language learning aspect that i need to solve and need help with.

I also don't want to travel alot i just love languages and like learning them but i never really know how to start.

I really need specific steps to what i should learn first and second etc.. because i need structure and order.

thanks for listening to this story. comment what you will.

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My shitty journey

My local night school is starting it's new courses in September and I want to learn a language but can't decide which.

The options; French, German, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Greek, or Russian.

Supplementary info; I took French as a GCSE at secondary school but only got an E and cannot remember most of it.

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Which Language Should I Learn & Why?