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Phone calls in English are much more difficult than talking to people face to face. Maybe it's because you can't read the person's expressions  about their meaning from their gestures. Or maybe it's because you're already nervous before the call starts. 

If the Phone rings in English, don't be afraid to answer it! The fear of talking on the phone in a second language will disappear if you practice often. The hardest part about using the phone in a language that is not your own is the fact that you cannot see the other person's eyes, mouth and body movements (body language). Although you might not be aware of it, in face-to-face conversation you lip-read and watch for smiles, frowns and moving hands. Listening to someone on the telephone is like doing a section from a taped recording in class. The only difference is that you have to talk back!

In this video tutorial you will learn How to speak English effectively over the phone with full confidence.  Your Hesitation will surely go after watching this.

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