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Common English Speaking Errors That Most of Us Make

Many times we get confuse with either Tenses, Pronoun, Verbs and a lot of common expressions.
Since English is such a complex Language , it is laden with many traps that we all frequently fall into.

 Common English Speaking Errors :-

 Let us learn some Common Errors individuals make while Speaking. For example

 Sentence With 1 Word Missing

1) Incorrect===>> My Friend asked me, "Do You know to Play Soccer."
    Correct===>> My Friend asked me, "Do You know How to play Soccer."

 Sentences with some errors

2) Incorrect===>> I'm giving an Exam Next Week.
    Correct===>> I'm taking an Exam next Week.

3) Incorrect===>> Did You went to the Party?
    Correct===>> Did you go to the party?

4) Incorrect===>> I'm having a House in Scotland.
    Correct===>> I have a House in Scotland.

5) Incorrect===>> I & My Family went for a holiday.
    Correct===>> My family & I went for a Holiday.

Practice these words. For more sentences watch this video.

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