English-Spanish Email practice

Hi, I'm a 22 year old girl from Spain who wants to practice her writting skills for an official language exam. Right now, I don't have money to pay for an academy and I would love to find someone who would volunteer to help me with it. In exchange I would aid you with your Spanish compositions!

Writting essays is my weakness, and to be frank, it is quite boring to write them just for the sake of passing a test. Moreover, it doesn't really make sense if no one is going to correct the mistakes I made.

I was thinking about interchanging emails everyday for at least a month. I am dead serious about it, so, please, if you think you can't sacrifice two hours of your day for language practise, don't commit to it. About the topics, it would be nice a bit of everything, our everyday life, politics, the environment... We could create an schedule and work the topics around it (mondays: cuisine/ tuesdays: ethics... for example), it would depend of our personal interests, we can find a common ground.

I hope someone is interested :)

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