Formal and Informal Invitation in English | Making, Accepting & Declining an Invitation

formal and informal invitation in english Video Tutorial

In This Tutorial You Will Learn How To Make , Accept And Decline An Formal And Informal Invitation In English.

On certain occasions you may want to extend an invitation to your seniors or colleagues, but may not know what phrases to use so as to sound warm and polite, yet formal at the same time. Also, at times you may want to accept an invitation and express gratitude for the same or decline one gracefully.

Formal phrases to make an invitation :

Would you like to join me for dinner tomorrow? ('Would you' is a formal and a polite way of inviting your colleague.)
Would you care to join us for dinner?
I was just wondering if you would like to come over for dinner tonight?
We'd be pleased/delighted/very happy to have you over for dinner tonight.

Formal phrases to accept an invitation :

Thank you! I'd love to.
Thank you! I'd be delighted to. What time should I be there?
Yes, thank you. That would be wonderful/great.
Oh certainly! Thank you.

Formal phrases to decline an invitation :

I'd love to, but I'm afraid I'm busy tonight.
I'm terribly sorry. I have other plans.
Thanks for asking. I'm afraid I'm busy tonight.

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  2. A welcome is a solicitation to a person to come or go some place, or to accomplish something. Solicitations can be both formal just as casual. Formal solicitations are formal letters.


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