How to know when to continue and when to move on with languages?

This is slightly inspired by a post I saw talking about motivation and diligence when it comes to study, and so I had some questions that I felt could warrant their own post. This is meant to be an open discussion and all opinions are welcome.

Lets say a person knows they want to learn a language, they become super motivated for a language, but their motivation falters and they keep failing to follow through with study. They then become interested in another language (or languages) and they now face a dilemma: which language do they follow through with, and will they be able to follow through at all?

When a person picks up a new language while being stagnant in the language they originally wanted to learn, are they just distracting themselves? Or is it reasonable expectation to look for greener pastures?

When is it okay to drop a language you are learning in favor of another one that you feel more motivated for, and when is it just an issue of distracting yourself from being diligent with one?

Is there cases where can you be legitimately diligent towards a language, but become motivated enough for another one that it warrants dropping your original language?

Can a person who is unable to stay diligent with learning some languages find enough motivation in other languages to truly develop diligence? Or is it something that needs to be developed regardless of what language you start with and regardless of your motivation for it?

How long should you try to force yourself to be diligent with one language before you can conclude the language just isn't for you and you should try a different one?

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