Mandarin or Spanish?


I'm in 10th grade, and I'm being given the option to continue my Spanish education (I'm in Spanish I right now) or go into a different language class. I'm wanting to take Mandarin, as per my father's advice, as he says it would help me with future careers in foreign affairs in the technological field, and just technological jobs in general. The only thing is, Mandarin is completely new to me. I have no experience what so ever, and only know about the 4 tones and some characters, which are very hard to learn, considering I'm so used to thinking in words instead of entire ideas with a single character.

It's kind of scary to try and go into a different language, especially one I'm not familiar with and have never really been exposed to as I have with Spanish.

Is there anything I should know going into Mandarin, or anything I should consider in order to choose between the two?

Thank you!

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