Halfway between intermediate and fluent?

I'd say I'm bilingual but one language is significantly worse than the other. I grew up learning English and Korean, with Eng being the better language. But while I'm also considered to be 'fluent' in Korean, I struggle to communicate with my parents and it ends up with the conversation being spoken in konglish or me just not understanding 70% of what was being said.

My parents made me go to korean school for about 8 years, but we didn't technicallyy 'learn the language'. As in, we weren't taught the grammar or characters because that was "innate". Instead, we were taught the history and culture of Korea in Korean. So Korean school was an absolute nightmare for me because I didn't know what the fuck was going on. And I still don't know what the fuck is going on whenever korean is spoken and I really want to change that. But I don't know what level I'm at because all the language placement tests I take claim I'm fluent yet I struggle to understand conversations?

Is anyone else in/was in this position and how did you get out of it? Also maybe tips for improving writing/spelling would be appreciated!

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