Ratio / Interval of Chinese Tones?

I started learning to pronounce the chinese tones.

The teacher told me to pronounce the first tone like my "highest normal speaking voice", while applying the lowest speaking voice in the third tone.

Since not everyone has the same speaking range, I'm wondering whether people actually try to get a decent melodic frequency between these tones?

I mean, is it common for people to train their voice in such a way, as to have a certain interval between the 1st and the 3rd tone?

I can imagine that a persons voice sounds more beautiful if he or she manages to hit the 5th and 1st tone in regular intervals (like third or quart), than accidently performing a tritonus or something like that or being completely out of tune. But I assume that the latter is probably the norm?

Or is there a fixed ideal of the pitch ratio? I can imagine that this is hard since not all people have the same voice range.

Mabye this is a weird way to talk about it, but I can't imagine that people are not aware of harmonics at all.

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