Korean and Chinese Machine Learning Project


My name is Andrey, TransPerfect representative (More info about what we do, check transperfect.com) at the moment we are doing a small study of the different languages, been Chinese and Korean two of these, this information will be use to guarantee access to all user of AI and Machine Learning tecnhology in a near future, the study is very simple and can be done remotely, you will receive a compensation for the same, 20 USD that can be use in your process to learn a new language, buy some courses whatever will help you here, the participants must be native speakers of the following languages.

Here all the info:

Chinese: https://fs4.formsite.com/wIbuk0/r2e7laacyv/index.html

Korean: https://fs4.formsite.com/wIbuk0/lfciynztg0/index.html

If questions or doubts about the post, please PM :)

Thanks for your collaboration!

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