How to start learning languages as a beginner? Good language(s) to start with? Programs, etc??

Hello! I am a 20 yr old college student in the US. My major is PR and I recently declared my minor in International Studies.

I’ve always loved traveling, learning about cultures, and knew I wanted to travel after graduating either for fun/school/work, so I decided to add International Studies to my major.

I took Spanish grades 7-10. We spoke very formally and learned little conversational Spanish. Frankly, it wasn’t great. I took Spanish for 2 years in college for my major and it was a lot better. I’d say I am intermediate at this point and can carry a conversation with a fluent speaker pretty well!

I figured it’s time to learn some new languages. I can’t afford to take a bunch of classes at school, so I would like to teach myself. Not sure where to start- what language is “easy” to start with? I know no language is easy but I’m sure some are harder than others. What way do you guys recommend learning?

I’m applying for an internship in Japan this summer (You don’t have to know the language. They do offer Japanese tutors for extra cost while you’re there). I think it would be cool to know some before going.

I’ve also always wanted to visit all of the Scandinavian countries at some point, so I think those languages would be cool to learn.

Any advice for a beginner would be appreciated!

TL;DR Beginner needs help where to start- what language and tips on how to teach myself. International Studies minor so knowing a language or two would be valuable.

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