Verbs and Tenses | Basic English Grammar Lessons


Verb is defined as words that show action or state of being. This means that verbs show what the subject is doing or what is the state or situation of the subject. It comes form the Latin word Verbum. Verbs are a necessary component of all sentences.

Verb is a word that tells or asserts something about a person or a thing.
For example Swimming, Dancing, Reading, Playing, etc.

1. A Verb tell us what a Person or a thing does. For Example
For Example:
He Plays Football. - Here the Verb Plays describes the action of the subject 'He'

She is a creative person. - Here there is no action being done. Instead the auxiliary verb ‘is’ shows the state of the subject ‘she’ as being ‘creative’.

2. A Verb may also tell us what is done to a person or a thing.
For Example:
The Window is Broken.Suraj is being Scolded.
Here Broken & Scolded indicates Verb of the subject 'Window' & 'Suraj'

3. A Verb tells us in what state a person or a thing is.
For Example:
The Man is Dead.
Simran is Sad.
Here Dead & Sad indicates Verb of the subject 'Man' & 'Simran'

Some Other Examples of verb are:-

Mother is cutting Fruits in the Kitchen.
The Boy is Playing Guitar.
The Girl is Eating an Apple.
The family is Watching TV.
The Children are crossing the Road.


Tense comes from the Latin word Tempus means Time. The Tense of a word shows the time of an action.

Types of Tenses:

There are three basic Tenses in English :-
  • Present Tense
  • Past Tense
  • Future Tense

Present Tense:

The action that refers to Present time is said to Present Tense. It describes the simple action or condition that occurs in the Present time.
For Example:
I write my Home-work in the evening.
I always love dogs
Here write & love Both refers to the Present time & hence indicates the Present Tense.

Past Tense:

A Verb that denotes the completed actions is said to be Simple Past Tense or simply past Tense. Generally 'd' or 'ed' is added to the root verb to form a Past Tense. However there are many Irregular Verbs. For Example:
I wrote a letter on Tuesday.
She was drunk last night
Here wrote & drunk indicates an action which is taken place in the past. Hence are Past Tense

Future Tense:

A verb that refers to the action that is going to happen later or in the near future is called Simple Future Tense.
For Example:
Mom will cook pasta tomorrow.
My cousins will come by an airplane.
Here words like will cook & will come indicates an action that will take place in the near future. He indicates Future Tense.

Let us look at some Verbs with their Tenses:-

PRESENT                                    PAST                               FUTURE
Do                                                Did                                   Will do
Go                                                Went                                 Will Go
Come                                            Came                                Will Come
Sit                                                  Sat                                    Will Sit
Run                                                Ran                                    Will Run
Eat                                                 Ate                                     Will Eat
See                                                Saw                                    Will See
Take                                              Took                                   Will take
Give                                               Gave                                   Will Give 
Say                                                Said                                     Will Say

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