Looking for online spanish ‘pen pal’

Hey! I am a college student and I am taking spanish currently and would love to get better at it, and I know that one of the best ways is to just continue speaking it. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in just messaging and talking with me in spanish to just practice with eachother! If any speakers would be willing to just talk with me that would be amazing! We could make a group chat if more than one person was interested. I am in an area where no one really speaks spanish fluently otherwise I would try and learn it from them and talk with them. :-) If someone would be willing to help share their knowledge or culture with me I would appreciate it so much because I believe that it is important to learn other’s journeys and I was raised in a VERY non diverse town and have not been exposed to anything.

This isn’t just me asking for someone to teach me spanish, it would be us talking like regular people having conversations or like a friendship, just in spanish. (i’m sorry if this is super lame, i just want to get a chance to talk with people and I think that if I could make a friend or like a pen pal i’m spanish it would help me a lot!)

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