Learn German with Jenny course - Thoughts/Reviews?

Hallo leute!

I'm living in Germany and just finished A1.2, but I've had to stop there because I'm pregnant and baby is coming soon D:

I made good progress in my language learning, and I really don't want to lose my skills, but I feel like I was just on the cusp of where I could start making sentences and trying to speak more conversationally, but there were still holes in my knowledge.

Since I'm due in like 11 weeks, I have some time to keep practicing and learning, then probably when baby gets here, I'll be pretty busy being a new mom for a while, BUT I really want to get back into my learning at some point, and get at least get "conversational" in German!

I've been following Learn German with Jenny during my German class, and she has really helped me learn a lot. I know she has a more intensive paid course, so I'm debating whether or not to buy her course and continue my learning at home, and then meeting up with one of my German friends once or twice a week for conversations, as well.

Does anyone have any experience with Jenny's paid course? Likes or dislikes?

I'm also open to hearing about other paid course options, as well.

Vielen Dank! :)

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