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Ok, here we go. So in my school we have this old hindi teacher (let's call her Miss Betty). She is quite an angry old person, who screams at everyone. Now, miss betty is really conservative. Not just the regular stuff, the stuff that is women should not hold hands, should be quiet and all that stuff. I really despise her because of this. But the thing that blew me off was this. Backstory Hindi is extremely affected from English (they ruled us for 200 years) and many hindi words are obsolete. And another thing is of urdu. Hindi is often said to be the sister of urdu. Urdu and hindi are basically the same (go on hate on me). Hindi and Urdu gave each other many words. But since the Partition of India and Pakistan, many people want a new hindi with less Urdu words. Miss Betty hates it when someone uses an English word in a hindi sentence, which is a lot. The problem is that they don't teach us those formal hindi words and expect us to know them from birth!! I believe that language changes are absolutely fine. Kings change, lands change and society changes. We should just accept these changes and should not persecute someone (like miss Betty) for saying something in a way you don't like. What are your thoughts? Edit: formatting and grammar

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