I can't decide whether I want to learn a real language or an "auxiliary" constructed language, and which one for that matter.

Hello, I am American and unfortunately started learning languages kind of late in life around 9th grade starting in French class, but as soon as I did I developed a serious interest in linguistics. I ended up taking 3 years of French in High school and 2 years of Spanish as well, and have tried my hardest to keep up with both over the 7 years I've been out of school, but I have few friends who speak anything other than English. If I were to guess I'd say I am like B2 at French and A2 at Spanish.

A few years ago I learned about Esperanto and ended up studying that to the point of being conversational as well, I loved the idea of it incorporating words from languages I already knew and it's regular structure was such a unique idea to me at the time. I ended up getting sick of the way that it sounded, and many of the rules actually felt limiting in some ways, so I ended up focusing my energy on French for a few more years on and off.

*I have also spent some time learning the basics of Italian, German, Russian, Danish, & Norwegian & have decided that Romance languages are my favorite family.*

I find myself these days with an itch that I can't quite scratch. I love languages and feel disappointed that I never achieved fluency in anything. Duolingo recently added a currently very short beta Latin course, which I spent a few hours on and enjoyed. I like the idea of learning Latin because it would open up a world of literature to me. At the same time I am currently looking for a language I can convince my girlfriend and maybe a friend or two to learn with me, and I just don't think Latin with all of is irregularities and ancient feel is gonna cut it.

I ended up going back to constructed languages and decided that "Interlingua" (The IALA One), and "Lingua Franca Nova" looked the most appealing to me. I found a video on Youtube by a guy called the "Conlang Critic" and he rated LFN much higher than Interlingua, so I picked LFN and have been studying it for the past few days. The vocab is based off of the Romance languages, with completely regular grammar similar to creole languages. It sounds just as nice as Italian or Spanish, and is arguably easier than Esperanto. My main complaint is that there are very few resources at the moment for learning it, and the community is very small.

I am curious to hear if anyone has any opinions on Interlingua VS Lingua Franca Nova. I am also curious to hear if anyone prefers Latin or maybe a alternate version of Latin. I am also willing to listen to people who think I should just learn a real and living language and which you think I should learn.

Thanks for any advice or suggestions you can offer.

TL;DR: Native English Speaker, B2 French, A2 Spanish, looking for a new language to learn and to speak with friends and read books and write songs in. Prefer Romance languages, Interested in: Latin, Lingua Franca Nova, Interlingua (IALA).

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