Judge my accent - Record your voice and get opinions - September 11, 2019"

Welcome to the JudgeMyAccent thread. Each week on Wednesday at 06:00 UTC, I, your faithful Automoderator, will be hosting a thread where in users can record their voice and get opinions from native speakers. Also check out /r/JudgeMyAccent.

Here's how it will work:

  • Go to http://vocaroo.com/ or http://soundcloud.com/ or https://clyp.it/ and record your voice. (No other recording service will be allowed).

  • 1 comment should contain only 1 language. Format should be as follows: LANGUAGE - LINK + TEXT (OPTIONAL). Eg. French - http://vocaroo.com/------- Text: J'ai voyagé à travers le monde pendant un an et je me suis senti perdu seulement quand je suis rentré chez moi.

  • Native or Fluent speakers can give their opinion by replying to the comment and are allowed to criticize positively. (Tip: Use CTRL+F to find the languages)

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