Teaching a third language to our kid

Hi there. I’m hoping you could help me decide how to tackle this.

Myself and my partner are Catalan and that’s our native language. We both speak Catalan to our toddler and we want her to be fluent in it and to consider it her mother tongue.

We live in an English-speaking country and she’s going to daycare 9 to 5 so she’s exposed to English all day and we hope she’ll pick it up there properly.

At home we only use Catalan but we play both Catalan and English songs and cartoons on tv.

She’s starting to talk now and she’s having mostly Catalan words mixed up with some English. She usually understands both the Catalan and English versions of the words she says though.

Our thing is, we also want her to speak Spanish. We’re both native-level speakers but we don’t feel comfortable speaking it to her. I just can’t bring myself to speak something else than Catalan to her. I started playing some Spanish songs on tv but I don’t know if now it’s the right time. Catalan and Spanish are really similar and I’m sure she’ll pick it up at some stage if we introduce it but I’m not sure about how and when to do it.

On another note, I’d love to hear suggestions on how to manage her language acquisition at older stages. I want her to be able to write and read Catalan & Spanish as well but I’m not sure about how to do that either.

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