Subtitles or no subtitles when watching foreign TV/film?

I’m an American who also speaks French. Recently I’ve taken an interest in the Turkic languages and decided to start with Turkish. I watched a few videos on how to learn Turkish, or just languages in general but I’m pretty torn on one thing: subtitles on foreign TV.

Everyone recommends watching foreign shows or movies, so I think, “I’ll watch a Turkish show with English subs, then graduate to Turkish subs, then graduate to no subs at all.” Some people say this is a good idea but many more others, it seems, very vehemently oppose this idea, saying that I’ll just read in English and not get any benefit out of it. But if I don’t use the subtitles I’ll have absolutely no idea what’s going on in the show.

In all your respective experiences, is it better to start with subtitles and wean yourself off? Or should I just go in with no subtitles, understand nothing for a long while and just eventually get it?

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