Advice for teaching siblings Russian/Romanian

I wanted to ask for advice on behalf on my mother for teaching my two younger brothers (10 and 12) Russian and/or Romanian. They’re in a difficult position where they only know English, but are citizens of Turkey and Moldova. Recently, they were forced to move back to Moldova, where Romanian (Moldovan dialect) and Russian are spoken. After a year in the country, living with their Moldovan relatives and going to a Moldovan school, they have made virtually no progress. They are not the sort of people to think “if I am to survive, I must speak the language.” They are very afraid of all the change that’s happened around them and would gladly choose to go hungry over learning the language if speaking were the only way to get food.

We don’t know what to do because Moldova doesn’t have the equivalent of “English as a Second Language” for foreigners who come into the school system. Russian is obviously a difficult language for English speakers to learn, and the Romanian spoken here is very different from that of Romania (aka the one in books, on TV, and in language online courses). They’ve lost a year of learning because of this.

What would you advise us to do in this situation?

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