Would transcribing a journal written in your first language to your target language be good practice for an intermediate?

I have been wanting to start journaling more, primarily as an outage, but haven't found the motivation because that time would be much better used to study Japanese. I've got a lot on my plate right now with work and remodeling my house, among other things, Japanese has taken a back seat and that is tearing me apart because it is extremely important to me. Part of the problem is my main method of study since finishing a few text books and becoming fairly well versed in grammar has been punching vocabulary into anki. Anki is too insanely dull to keep myself on track while dealing with heavy responsibilities.

So, what I was thinking was I could take up journaling, spend a few minutes every night to write my thoughts, I can do that, then at least once a week, in time that Ive allocated specifically for Japanese, I can go back through what Ive written and transcribe it, maybe condense it a little bit, make it simple so I can get my words out. I tried to journal in Japanese, but when your pen doesn't move for 20 minutes because youve met a conundrum with how I want to express myself because I am just not to that level yet. I assume I will just have to try it, but I was curious if anyone does something similar, if having your thoughts already written out helps, etc. Im just trying not to waste my time, finishing my house so that I have somewhere to live holds priority right now, and staring at flash cards is starting to feel like a draining waste of time and energy.

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