What do you think of language exchanges (meet ups, happy hours etc.)?

There's a language exchange happy hour in my city that I found through Meetup.com. You basically get a name tag with your languages on it so you know who to mingle with.

I normally see between 60 and 120 people RSVP to it each week.

I sort of want to go, but I feel like the language I'm learning (Swedish) is one of the languages least-likely to find a match at a language meetup in a big American city - even one with 120 people - as it is neither a language spoken by immigrants wanting to learn English, nor is it one of the languages that many Westerners learn, like French, German, or even Japanese.

Anyway, even if you're learning a language with many speakers and/or learners, do you feel that you get much out of language exchanges? Are they worth it for you? Why or why not? Thanks.

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