Staling and frustrated with my language practice over several years: can someone help me make a better regiment?

I’ve been practicing languages since college about 6 years ago. I took Russian in high school and French in college. After graduating, I was ambitious and wanted to:

  • Learn French by 25
  • Learn Russian by 28
  • Learn Spanish by 30
  • Learn Chinese by 40

I am now 28 and definitely don’t know Russian (except alphabet and very basic words) and would have an advanced elementary understanding of French.

My main goal is to be able to have good conversations in these languages, so able to understand and communicate effectively with speaking. Writing and reading would be nice too, but definitely want to practice my speaking.

After college, I did a lot of Duolingo and learning on my own through various resources, but I just haven’t been able to find something that works, especially in practicing conversations (I currently live in a small, rural town).

Currently, I set aside about 20-30 minutes a day for languages. Does anyone have any advice, recommendations of how to reach/modify my goals, or even a program they can create me since I’m starting to get overwhelmed?

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