I'm looking for anyone interested in practicing spoken German, French or Polish. In return I can teach you professional programming.

Would you like to learn programming with me while practicing spoken German, French or Polish?

I've been teaching redditors programming for free since mid-summer. I'm currently teaching over 10 English speaking students, 3 German speaking students, 1 French speaking student, 1 Polish speaking student and 4 offline students of school age.

It's a good way to practice oral communication and learn a useful skill.

To start learning programming, you don't actually need anything except a microphone and some free time. We can communicate over Skype, Discord, Google Hangouts or other software.

On Skype I'm "totaljava".

On Discord I'm "totaljava" (#1926).

Thanks for reading. I'm really looking forward to speaking German, French or Polish with you and teaching you programming.

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