Feeling.. stuck?

So I'm learning German for almost a year as my third language. About half of which in a more casual way.

I don't feel like I got controversial beyond very simple topics. I don't get the grammar and the way sentences are built. And I can't grasp most of the media I try to absorb.

Any ideas on how to actually get better?

The methods I use for learning-

Nicos weg, Harry (I did all NW a1 and some a2 and now in the process of Harry cus I understand nothing in NW)

Practice makes perfect complete German grammar (trying to progress every day, have sentence builder as next book)

Duolingo stories

Duolingo (finished crowns, now doing German to English and I'm close to finish)

Memrise (their regular courses, learning new words and doing classic reviews every day)

Some YouTube but it's usually not stuff I remember

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