Struggling to keep actively learning after teaching myself the wrong way. How do I get past these roadblocks?

I've been feeling kind of depressed about my Japanese skills lately and I was wondering if anyone here had any words of advice.

I'm about to be 23 in less than a week and I started learning Japanese around 9 years ago. I am completely self taught and unfortunately I didn't really study the right way so now I can't speak or write sentences well, but I can read/translate provided I have a dictionary. I've incorporated Japanese media in different ways in my life (anime, Youtubers, Twitter in the past, music, etc.), and I like to translate things occasionally but it's just barely enough to keep myself from becoming completely inactive with the language.

I'm not a beginner, but I don't even feel like a true intermediate yet. My skills are all over the place. I never learned kanji by levels, just the ones I saw often and learned to remember.

At the same time though, I have come so far and learned so much. I'm proud of translations that I've done. I don't want to forget what I've learned and I want to improve. There are so many reasons I want to learn the language.

I guess it feels like I've hit a stop sign with no roads or paths ahead of me to give me any direction. I know the reasons/motivations to keep going in my head, but I'm not sure how to re-teach myself the right way. I'm not sure how to recapture the excitement I first had when I started learning when I was barely a teenager.

Thanks everyone.

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