pondering the age-old question: Spanish or French? (with a slight twist)

So as a native Californian I developed my first foreign language (German) to (relative) proficiency and am currently doing my masters degree in Germany as a result. Next semester is my last one, and thus I'm considering taking a beginners course on a new language - two main options come to mind - Spanish and French. Obviously there are lots of sites tackling this age old comparison, but perhaps I have some new twists involved. Below a quick list of pros per language:


+ much greater utility if/when I relocate back to California

+ easier to learn from a native English background

+ prior classes taken in HS (7 years ago)


+ relatively greater utility, practice while currently in Germany (proximity of France)

+ aesthetically preferred, sounds better

+ romantic options? (somehow half of all girls who've shown interest were French)

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