What should I do in this situation?

I am currently studying Arabic at the moment. I'm using a textbook that contains grammar explanations and some conversations. In one of the conversation exercises, I had some problem with the vocabulary. So, I looked up the words in the given vocabulary list, then re-read the paragraph a few times. But, since these words are very new to me, even though I had just looked them up, it would take me a second to think about it again once I came across it while reading (and simultaneously listening to the audio). I know that if I see these words again, I can probably think it up, but it'll take all too long and after two or three days I'll probably forget a few of them. However, in the moment, I currently understand it and even could translate it to others. Since my understanding is there, can I continue forward? My memorization of the words in a week I am unsure of. I wonder if it's okay just to move forward, because the book is huge and I'll probably keep on encountering this situation many times.

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