Is it bad that I'm happy to stay at an A2 level?

I made a post about this on /r/duolingo, but basically, I'm learning French just for fun, and because I had forgotten all my GCSE French, and that me knowing French will make almost no difference to my life. I've got literally one day left on the Duolingo course, though I'm going to keep revising with it, and I'm now supplementing that with this Memrise course of the 5000 most common French words, so it's not like I'm just giving up now that I'm at a reasonable level.

I'm well aware that could be doing much more, but that requires time, effort, and probably money, and I just can't see the value.

To use a weird analogy, I feel like someone who plays Super Smash Bros. casually. I only ever play against the computers (only use free, easily-accessible online resources) and don't actively try to improve my playing. I play for fun. Meanwhile, there are people who will put lots of time into perfecting their control of a character (deeply study a language's grammar), watch old matches to analyse what people did (read books and watch films) and go to tournaments to play against the best player (seek out native speakers to talk with).

No doubt the second group of people will play the game much better, but to me, it's almost sucking the fun out of it. And I'm just playing the game to have fun. It's the same with learning a language. I would love to be able to just switch between two languages, and easily understand French people, but I just don't see it being worth my time. I can probably count on one hand the number of times where knowing French well would actually have been useful to me.

BTW, I have no idea exactly what my level of language knowledge is, but I assume it's about A2.

P.S. I should add that I'm a naturally quite asocial person. I barely speak to people in my own language, so I have no desire to start trying to talk to people in another language.

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