Teach English Online: Your Guide on How to Make Money & Travel the World

What’s your dream job? Most people would say a job that allows them to travel the world. What if you could make money, especially at your leisure, from anywhere? Well, you can learn to make money online as all you need is an internet connection and a computer. More and more freelance jobs are popping up, and people are embracing these jobs. Teaching English abroad is one of the methods that have provided numerous opportunities for people to live and work abroad. We bet it never once crossed your mind, and why would it? It is a new profession. Teaching English online is an industry that is vastly experiencing growth in demand.

Here is a guide on how to teach English online and get paid.

Does One Need to Be a Native Speaker to Teach English?
Well, not necessarily. But you need to have a native level of English and speak with a clear accent. You need to learn all the grammar rules and know the tips for effective TOEFL preparations so that you can pass the knowledge to your students. You can take time and visit English speaking countries and learn how to speak with the right intonation and pronunciation. However, if you are a native speaker, this plays to your advantage. You need to show your language skills when in an interview and if you meet the required standards, high chances are that you will be accepted.

Get TEFL Certified
First things first, if you don’t have accredited certification, get it. There are 527 million English native speakers. According to the CIA, English is spoken by 4.83% of the world’s population. For you to earn money teaching English and get a solid grounding, a right TEFL course is needed. If you are a fluent English speaker and you are TEFL certified, you can teach English online. Some companies might require you to have a Bachelor’s degree, although this varies from company to company. Having great presentation skills and being personable are character features that get sought after. Someone who already teaches English abroad at a language school can teach English online to boost their income. Others make teaching English online their full time jobs in whatever part of the world that they are. While traveling abroad, this flexibility provides a fantastic way to support yourself.
Online Education Companies and Platforms
There are so many online teaching websites you can choose from. When making a selection, it is essential to be aware that the majority of these companies are located in a different time zone than yours. It is always good to check if you can handle working during their operating hours before applying.
  • Teaching Online on Mobile Apps:

It is clear that technology has evolved over the years. You can now teach English on a mobile app. How mobile phones have improved productivity can form an interesting cause and effect essay example. The advantage of teaching on an app is that you can teach whenever you have the time or feel like it. Feel like taking a break? No, problem, you can take a few days or even weeks. But remember, the more time you’re online, the higher the chances of having regular students.
  • Platforms:

NiceTalk Tutor
It is a Chinese company where Chinese students contact teachers through video calls to practice their English conversation skills. Depending on your profile, you might also find students interested in learning other languages such as French, German, and Spanish. Also, depending on the preference that you set on your profile, you can teach young children, adolescents or adults.

It is similar to NiceTalk. The company is in China. The only difference is you have voice calls instead of video, and you can even teach in your pajamas. Also, you get to choose your wage. Point to note, the higher your rate, the fewer students you might have.

The company is in Germany. If you have this app, you can teach students from all over the world any language you want as long as you have the right certification. You can set your hourly rate and choose your schedule. However, you have to give the company a percentage when you place your price.

English First (EF)
They look for teachers to connect with students around the globe, from home or their teaching centers in Johannesburg, Bali, Santiago, and Shanghai. You can earn a valid TEFL when on the job.

They are in China. They offer a six-months contract where you can teach Chinese children English from the comfort of your home. They require that you have experience in the US or Canada and a bachelor’s degree in any field.

It is a European based company. It helps teachers and students interact in a virtual classroom. They look for qualified teachers who are native speakers, reliable, and tech savvy.

It is a company based in New Zealand who provide English classes on Skype. You don’t have to be an English teacher necessarily; they only require English to be your first language.
Be Your Own BossIf you are sick of the office, get a job that pays you to travel. Yes, you can choose to be your boss by creating a teacher’s profile.

How It Works
You register for free on the website to create a teacher’s profile. Set your availability and your hourly rate. Students then contact you to book classes. The more languages and subjects you teach, the more likely students will choose you. Make sure to create an appealing profile and affordable hourly rate to get many bookings from returning and new clients. Some websites charge a commission fee so beware.
Some websites where you can teach include:    
  • Langu: Sign up and teach any language. They teach their lessons in a     virtual classroom.
  • Preply: You can teach a variety of subjects from this platform. The topics     may range from languages, math, biology, history to programming. They teach their classes on Skype.
  • Fluentify: Requires one to be available for at least 15 hours per week.    
  • Wyzant: They offer various subjects, but it is only for American Citizens.
  • Cafetalk: You can also register here as a music or art teacher.    
  • Find     A Tutor: Provide teaching for any subject.
  • Tutoragent: Provide teaching for any subject.
ConclusionBy now, you are already signing up to teach English as a foreign language or thinking about it. The beauty about it is you can teach English online from any part of the globe and at your own time. The Internet has made things easy, and you can interact and connect with students from countries that you’ve never even visited. However, don’t assume teaching English is just iffy grammar rules. You can connect with your students, learn different cultures or share your culture.
Feel free to share with us your experiences with making money by teaching online and traveling.

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