Does anybody else get really fascinated by closely related or mutually intelligible languages and find it hard to learn one without looking at the other(s)?

This isn't really a thing for English (obviously), or Hebrew (though Arabic and Aramaic are related), but I've experienced it with most other languages I've tried learning.

It's fun and awesome, but I find that I never get far enough with any one language and mix dialects/languages all the time :-\


I was always exposed to Lebanese with friends in childhood, but I couldn't help but learn a bit of Egyptian...and then branch out to Khaleeji, Iraqi etc. I just found it so interesting analysing all the similarities and differences and seeing how far I could go.


I had more focus with this, but I still found myself branching out to Italian and French.


Kept trying to learn bits and pieces of Punjabi.


Uzbek, Uyghur and Kazakh kept pulling me in.


This is my current issue - I just can't stop comparing things with Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Slovak and Czech. It's really distracting me - especially the Polish and Ukrainian.

I know this may sound weird or stupid, and realise that eventually I'll have to acknowledge that I need to focus on one more than the others.

But I think that coming from the linguistic background I'm from, the idea that you can learn one language and communicate with a speaker of another language has always seemed so cool and foreign to me. I find that the more Russian (for example) I learn, the more I want to see how similar or different Polish is, and learn the equivalent forms in Polish.

It's almost like I want to see how many different languages I can understand by just learning one or two.

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