Resources of monégasque dialect for monaco lovers ( like me i think)

Sooo, a few days ago i asked for resources about monegasque ( dialect of ligurian used in monaco and near monaco) and some of you guys sent some suggestions to help me ( thank you for that s2). I decided to post what i found that can help another person that loves monaco and its culture, but monegasque isn't a "famous language/dialect" like other ones ,but it's better than nothing right? so yeah:

Link basic on wikipedia(maybe you can learn something useful there):

Link to learn sounds (it's really useful because less than 50.000 speaks it): (ps: you can watch videos here too)( ps2: you can also learn other languages)( ps3:i recommend the use of the phonetic alphabet printed in a paper so you can understand what thatlettersare and how to say it)

Link to learn some vocabulary(this one has a lot of languages that maybe you also learn):

link( in french) from the academy of languages of the principality of monaco with some texts and rules of writting and sounds:

link to a little course in memrise* ( about english):

*=i think ,like me, you use it on phone,but since the app changed the list of courses on the phone and now you "can only" add new courses made by memrise on the phone, buut you can add that using the browser version,if you dont know how or you didnt get it i can explain.

link to a small site with a few words to see (in french and monégasque):


i recommend you to buy one dictionary of monégasque , because you can use it on the go and you dont need internet or eletric energy for that. The majority of them are in french so yea, here is a link to buy one from a library in monaco that you can buy online and it's worldwide so it's good: ( ps: you can also find a grammar book and both are 20 euros)

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