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Dance is the art of movement of the body usually to music using various gestures and steps. There are various types of Dance forms, though in this English lesson we will look at some Common English expressions that will help you to talk about dancing in English.

1) put on your dancing shoes -

Get ready for dancing and to have a great time.
Example - Come on Sharon, Put on your dancing shoes we are going cubing tonight.

2)Have two left feet -

To move in a very awkward way while dancing.
Example - I'm sorry,I can't dance like you do,I have two left feet.

3) to boogie -

To dance on fast upbeat rock n roll music
Example - Let's go boogie tonight.

4) Strut your Stuff -

To enjoy dancing in a very confident manner in order to be noticed by the others.
Example - You should get on the dance floor and strut your stuff.

5) A slow dance -

A slow,romantic partner dance swaying to the music.
Example - She had a slow dance with Tony at the party last night.

6) Dance cheek to cheek -

To dance very closely with someone .
Example - Everyone looked at Sharon and John dance cheek to cheek

7) Burn up the dance floor -

To dance too much in an amazing manner.
Example - You need to burn up the dance floor tonight, it's your birthday.

8) Dance the night away -

To dance all night long.
Example - Those two dance the night away.

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