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This English lesson covers idioms that can be used to describe losing one's temper /getting angry as in going crazy with anger .

You will learn to speak in English fluently using these crazy idioms, whenever you want to express anger, anxiety or joy.

 List Of 15 Crazy idioms

 1.) Go bananas - to go crazy with anger
2.) Go nuts - to lose your mind with anger
3.) Lose it - to control because of anger
4.) Go mental - to go mad with anger
5.)  Freak out - to get really , really angry
6.) Go bonkers - go crazy with anger
7.)  Go berserk - to go insane with anger
8.) Blow one's top - to go crazy with anger or rage
9.) Fly off the handle - to lose control or go violent with anger
10.) Hit the roof - to get very , very angry
11.) Go Ballistic - to go crazy with anger
12.) Go off the deep end - to lose control due to extreme anger
13.) Blow up - to flare up with anger
14.) Pop one's cork - to lose you're mind because of anger
15.)  Go ape - to go wild with anger .

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